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i ❤ anime and dramaz ^^
and more than everything i love SHINee and Big Bang ,suju:D !

agioo what can i say about me XP mmm maybe that i just can't live without K-pop or dramas... without Korea or Japan..hehe o(≧o≦)o
i like to think that i'm a cute funny and sweet person...i'm very friendly or at least that is what many people say^^...mmm i think that's all (◡‿◡✿)
Facts about Me:
>I love chocolate and all kind sweet but i don't eat a lot >< .
> I'm always doing crazy thing hahaha :p.
> I love to listen Korean music ♥ ♥.
>I like to make new friends.
> I hate hypocrite people. :(
>I protect my friends.
>I'm a sentimental girl. XD
>I Love to chat.
>I would like to live in Korea.
> My favorites colours are purple , baby blue and White but i really hate pink

If you have more questions about Me...just ask *^^* I won't bite you XD and please write on my page wat ever comes to ur mind and not something horrible ^^^
i would like to hear from you to ><
<3 annyeong